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Wood Processing Maschinery

WPM stands for Wood Processing Machinery and was created as a merger of Thomas Hall, David Kvarnstrand and Mikael Persson. While Hall has been known in the planing mill mechanics business since 1986 with his company System Hall, and knows the industry well, Mikael Persson, as Varberg's Timber production manager, brings the necessary expertise in the use of woodworking machines.

David Kvarnstrand is an expert in the field of woodworking tools as well as managing director of the global toolmaker Kvarnstrands Verktyg. Together, they started a project that is growing in popularity with the founding of WPM.

Wood Processing Machine
Technical Information
  • Feed speed 15 - 450 m/min
  • automatic positioning
  • automatic Jointer
  • smooth running gear boxes



on request

Band Resaw
Technical Information
  • working width up to 500mm
  • working height up to 400mm
  • frequency controlled feed rollers on linear guide
  • Feed speed up to 80 m/min



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