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Band saw blades

The Wintersteiger AG is an Upper Austrian specialty machine building specialist and has focused on nice markets since its foundation in 1953. The company has 21 proper locations with sales in 130 countries and it is the world market leader in the business field Woodtech, among other items with saw blades for wood. What nowadays conquers the market under the brand name Wintersteiger Bandsägen GmbH are high-quality band saw blades which represent the know-how of more than four decades consequent development work.


  • Wintersteiger band saw blades are manufactured out of German high-grade stainless steel with an optimum combination of hardness, toughness and flexibility.
  • Latest manufacturing processes at tooth system, setting and sharpening guarantee highest quality, perfect cut and a long tool life for this type of saw.
  • the saw blades are especially optimized based on the specific application and the material which has to be cut. Therefore they provide best results at maximum quality and profitability for our customers. 
  • The key principle of the quality policy of the company Wintersteiger is customer satisfaction.


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