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Circular Saw Blades

Swedex was founded in 1983 and this company has developed itself from a small ambitious company to the leading manufacturer of circular saw blades in Sweden. Swedex disposes of more than 70.000 saw blades ready for immediate shipment from stock. If your special saw blade should not be available on stock, Swedex will manufacture it within 24 hours!


The steel used for the saw blades provides highest quality. It is hardened spring steel in order to confer the base element additional strength and stability.

The steel is cut out by laser and heat-treatedin order to achieve the appropriate quality according to the saw blade application.

In general saw blades with the smallest possible diameter (in order to maximize stability and the smallest possible cutting kerf should be selected.  Simultaneously the diameter will have to be adapted to the machine speed in order to achieve the best suited cutting speed.

After the hard-soldering process all saw blades are controlled with respect to straightness and tension whereby a straight edge and a dial gauge are used inorder to make sure that the blade reflects the most favourable conditions before it is ground.

A carbide tipped saw blade is a precision tool which requires careful maintenancein order to guarantee a long life and a good performance.

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