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With its unique convex back taper cam the HSa-fitted milling cutter maintains the same clearance angle during its entire service life.  Profile and cutting circle changes remain at such a low level that these can be neglected. Due to the special tooth form a high service life is achieved as the heat is dissipated from the blade. The different back taper cams result in different clearance and sharpening angles.
Green line: convex back taper cam (Hsa).
Red line: Separating line hollow grinding (HSs).
The execution of these milling cutter types provide a big number of different profiles. Contact surfaces for the dial gauge tip on the entire tooth back, without transition to the fitting, minimize the risk of damage at the dial gauge tip.


The reason for purchasing a solid steel milling cutter, with a Swedish patent since 1898, is the perfect surface of the wood at a minimum fibre orientation. This is achieved by the use of special steel and the production in a modern machine centre for tools with back profile. Solid steel milling cutters may be re-sharpened more often. This results in a longer tool life.Our cutting angle scale is decisive for maintaining the cutting angle and guarantees a long tool life.


Carbide-fitted milling cutters (former Widia) which have been manufactured by Kvarnstrands since 194 ensure longer tool life at radii e.g. in case of construction timber. A new grinding technology and more compact material prevent damage at the cutting edges.


Conventional ground concavely milling cutters can be fitted with carbide, stellite and high-speed steel tooth. Cutting angles may be adapted to all kinds of wood existing on the market. Primary use in case of small and medium-sized series with a big variety of profile versions.


All types of milling cutters can be manufactured up to a diameter of 430 mm and 32 teeth.The feed rate in the planing machine may amount up to 1.200 m/min.

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