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Hydro cutter heads for optimum output

  • manufacture up to a maximum diameter of 425 mm possible
  • the hydro cutter heads are supplied in highest steel or aluminium quality
  • absolutely highest tolerance in bore and optimum balancing render a long life of the machine spindle
  • Cutter heads with conical wedge bars which lock the cutter by means of centrifugal forcevalso in case of faulty tightening of the cutter head screws
  • the hydro socket system with double seal kit prevents loss of pressure and guarantees safe tension on the machine spindle
  • filling and drain valve from the side and in the running surface
  • we recommend to have the tool equipped with cutters and ground in by us
  • planer knives may be supplied in all steel qualities available on the market
  • for highest output we recommend Kanefusa ST 1

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